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The ​42BioReactor

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42Bio introduces the 42BioReactor Perfusion Circuit.

Bioreactor Process Flow: The process flow allows independent flow separation between the tube-side and shell-side flow.
  • Ablumenal flow can be driven in series or in parallel to deliver media to the construct during the culture period.

  • Tube-side perfusion may be limited to scaffold sterilization only, with cell seeding as a direct incubation of cells into the central void of the scaffold. A secondary scaffold (hydrogel) may also be added within the external.

 ​​​​​​RIGHT - Example Application:

  • Uniform convective flow can be applied actively to:
    • remove non-structural ECM components.
    • control pressure gradients for cell seeding
This method has shown a 50% increase in lipid extraction over time.

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